Sébastien Genesca new Country Manager at SD Worx Luxembourg

HR service provider SD Worx has hired Sébastien Genesca to head up the Luxembourg branch. From 1 February, he will be gradually taking over from Mady Dondlinger, who was at the helm since November 2012. She will be retiring on 1 April. Sébastien Genesca was previously Managing Director for eight years at the IT business CGI in Luxembourg. 

With the new Country Manager, SD Worx wishes to strengthen its position in Luxembourg and further afield.

“I am very keen on seeing SD Worx develop further in Luxembourg. Our local roots and the proven proximity to our clients are of great importance here. Luxembourg nevertheless also has a great deal of international businesses. The Grand-Duchy is therefore of strategic importance for our international growth plans,” says Sébastien Genesca.

Genesca still sees lots of growth potential:

“By diversifying further and using our added value in the financial sector but for example, also in industry. I want our teams to use their experience in all sectors and help businesses of all sizes. This is precisely where the power of SD Worx lies: we offer services to all businesses both multinational and SMEs with just two employees. I am convinced that SD Worx Luxembourg will benefit from the synergies that the international SD Worx Group produces. This will contribute to local growth in Luxembourg.”

Outsourcing and training

It is nevertheless a challenge to continue growing in a complex environment with several players. Sébastien Genesca views this pragmatically:

“A team of experts advises our clients daily and ensures a high-quality service. It is my absolute ambition to keep our clients and our employees satisfied, which will result automatically from the growth. I also see potential in our outsourcing services: there is continually growing demand for support on site. Our employees help with the client on location and the HR team with the payroll administration and personnel affairs or can take over the responsibility of a complete activity itself if required. Another source of growth are our courses in Labour Law and HR, which are in great demand. I will of course also be asking the Luxembourg clients myself how they view our products and services and where they may see any more room for optimisation. This will enable us to offer even more added value.”

At home in Luxembourg

Sébastien Genesca (41) gained a Master’s in International Trade at the “Institut d’Administration des Entreprises” in Montpellier, France. He is no stranger to Luxembourg. He started his career in 2001 in Luxembourg as an accounts manager at Ariane II, later Sogeti. In 2007, he went to work as the Director of the Luxembourg branch of Logica, later CGI. In 2012, he was appointed Managing Director and took over the branches in and Luxembourg and Strasbourg.

SD Worx Luxembourg has 52 employees, more than 450 clients and calculates more than 15,000 salaries every month.

Photograph and information

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Read more about Sébastien Genesca on his LinkedIn profile

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